Discover Portugal!

15 May 2014 19:00

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La Paparrucha

Discover Portugal!

Dear Members of CLS,

Some of us recently arrived residents in this wonderful country, have given some thought to how to mitigate our obvious lack of knowledge of important elements of the structure of our new home country Portugal. Previously, whether it has been in Sweden or elsewhere in the world where we have been professionally active, we have taken such in-depth knowledge about the political, economical and cultural infrastructure for granted. And, needless to say, a prerequisite for adjusting and succeeding.

The reasons why not here, are obvious. Few of us command (yet!) Portuguese sufficiently enough to follow news media. Of equal importance, we have less opportunities for interaction with local friends, colleagues, customers and other such interactive parties, that comes naturally with the workplace environment most of us have left behind. Still, out of habit, we yearn for that sense of understanding and participation in what happens around us.

Also, we owe it to our new host country. Many of us are here on very beneficial terms, the least we can do in return is to pay attention and show some interest. We may even have something to offer.

So, welcome to "Discover Portugal!". The format is as follows:

- A series of dinners directed to people whom are newly arrived in Portugal or have an interest in expanding their network.

- An intimate setting with maximum attendance of some 25 people.

- The venues to be an attraction in themselves.

- Offering an excellent three-course dinner in a nice ambiance.

- Topics covering different aspects of business and public life in Portugal.

- Well known Portuguese speakers with events held in English.

- Room for ensuing discussions and follow-up conversation.

- An element of charity

Dresscode: Jacket with optional tie

Sponsored by:

May 15th, 2014
Professor Vanda Anastácio
Professor for Portuguese Literature at the University of Lisbon

“Portuguese Cultural Heritage"

VENUE: La Paparrucha

Professor Vanda Anastácio teaches at the Faculty of Letters at the University of Lisbon and is an internationally respected researcher. Her numerous publications are generally considered a reference in the subject field.

She is frequently invited as a speaker at conferences both in Portugal and abroad. Her research projects lately span various countries within Europe, Brazil, and the US. She has also spent two years in Stockholm.

We hope you share our ambitions behind this program. Please register soonest, it’s on first come-first serve. And please bring your spouse or a partner!

Suggested parking: Largo do Camões (8 minute walk).

Câmara de Comércio Luso-Sueca

We would appreciate your respective inscription as well as payment by Wednesday, May 14th in order to ensure your place. Please fill in the inscription form that follows below and return it via mail to: *use your surname as reference.
Please confirm the reception of this invitation.

Next Dinner - October “Who Owns Portugal”
SPEAKER: Pedro Rebelo de Sousa

Lunch - Debate    |   @ La Paparrucha


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